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Happy Birthday Linda Kramer!

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We want to wish a Happy Birthday to Linda Kramer!

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Happy Birthday Lillian G. Arconati

Lillian Arconati, daughter of Jonathan and Kelly Arconati, turned one-year-old today. She is getting to be such a big girl! A wonderfully funny moment came while she was eating her birthday cake slowly and daintily. Just in fun, her mother came over and pushed her hand gently all the way into the cake to really get her messy. Lillian apparently does not like her hands being covered in mush and cake icing and began to bawl –but only for a minute. It was too cute.

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Happy Birthday James A. Arconati

As of today the owner and author of this website, James A. Arconati, is 32-years-old. Many thanks to my parents and my whole family for everything.

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Happy Birthday Lois C. Arconati!

Happy 60th Birthday!! I wanted to post a recent picture of my mom, but almost all pictures I have of her include one or more of the grandkids. Since we have a long-standing policy of not posting these in public, I had to dig back to this old photo from 1997.

Six Flags
Our Trip to Six Flags

It’s not the best picture of any of us, but it reminds me of summer fun with my mom from those years. She’s always loved Six Flags for as long as I can remember. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mom! The last one to get to the roller-coaster is buying lunch.

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Happy Birthday Olivia N. Arconati

IMG_0005 - Olivia's Handprint

Happy birthday, my angel, my dreamer, my starshine. I love you. You will always be our little girl.

So hold on to your teddy bear,
till the moon is out of sight,
I wish you only sweet dreams,
goodnight my dear goodnight.

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Happy Birthday James E. Arconati!

Happy 60th Birthday!! Here is a picture of Dad in his native environment.

James E. Arconati on - IMG_0792

Okay, that’s fitting, but not really a decent picture of the big guy. Here –

IMG_0787 - Jim & Linda on

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Happy Birthday Jonathan L. Arconati

The Arconati News site would like to wish Jon Arconati a very Happy Birthday. He turns 27-years-old today.

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Happy Birthday Reese M. Arconati

The Arconati News Portal would like to wish Reese M. Arconati a Happy 8th Birthday.

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Lucas James Arconati

Born today (4/26/07) at 3:05pm to James and Lisa Arconati, weighing in at 7 pounds and 2 ounces and 19½ inches tall, please welcome Lucas James Arconati.

Below are some links to photos available online. Family members or friends interested in prints of the photos need not buy them from directly.

More will be posted or linked to from here when available.

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Lillian Grace Arconati

Born tonight (2/24/07) at 11:15pm to Jonathan Arconati and Kelly Stumm-Arconati, weighing in at about 6 pounds, welcome Lillian Grace Arconati.