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Happy Birthday Olivia N. Arconati

Chuck E. Cheese

Happy Birthday to Olivia! For her birthday, we threw her a rather loud but fun party at Chuck E. Cheese. Many friends and family joined us and we had a great time.

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Happy Birthday Olivia N. Arconati

Happy Birthday to Olivia! We had a fun party at the local civic center indoor pool. The kids had a great time.

Here are some images with Olivia’s name on them from over the last year or so.

Arconati birthdays family Joc

Happy Birthday Olivia N. Arconati

IMG_0005 - Olivia's Handprint

Happy birthday, my angel, my dreamer, my starshine. I love you. You will always be our little girl.

So hold on to your teddy bear,
till the moon is out of sight,
I wish you only sweet dreams,
goodnight my dear goodnight.

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Happy Fifth Birthday Olivia

We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Olivia Nicole Arconati.

Olivia Nicole Arconati
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