Catching Up

Let’s get caught up, shall we?

There have been a number of updates that should have been posted on ARCONATI.NET over the past year that have been missed or lost. There have been a number of technical issues that have caused this, but I’m confident that we have a relatively stable platform (for the price) that we shall continue to use moving forward. In summary, here’s a quick overview of the changes here since the last reunion in 2010. Fair warning: some of this is technical jargon.

I migrated to a web host at the time that Blogger stopped supporting FTP. At that time, since I was dropping a hosted service, and installing a CMS, I thought I’d like to get to know Drupal.

Boy, was I wrong. It seems powerful, but difficult to set up for my purposes. So I switched to WordPress, with which I’m more familiar. Later, I updated the theme with some ancestor photos, added a few posts to catch some recent events and had plans for more.

Then everyone’s favorite web host had a security snafu and my updates and content were lost. When I noticed, it was too late to restore my small amount of work from backup. I was also in the middle of some heavy work-related projects without any chance to redo it.

We are back in business now. I don’t have the changes redone yet, but I’ll be starting on some important additions. As I write this, the most recent post is current the one from Reunion 2010. I’ve got an archive of a post I made shortly after the reunion that I’ll import here.

More information, news and announcements should be coming real soon. Stay subscribed here for information about the Arconati Family Reunion 2012 as soon as it becomes available.

Until then,… Happy Thanksgiving!


Website Currently Down

This post will likely not publish at all, but at this moment I wanted to quickly note that the host for this web site is down and having problems. I’m unable to get them fixed at this time and will likely be moving hosts. It was a very good run and I can’t really complain since it has been free this entire time.


Happy Birthday James A. Arconati

MVC02545.JPG – Bullseye
Originally uploaded by ArcoJedi.

The Arconati News Portal would like to wish James A. Arconati (a.k.a. ArcoJedi) a Happy 31st Birthday.


3000 Visitors to!

Back in March of last year, it was reported that we had 2000 visitors to this site. The last year has been very good.

3000+ Visitors

As you can see, we have reached 3000 visitors. These are visitors to the root site of, not the entire network of sites. We have also recently seen a rise in visitors to all sites within this domain. Here is a screen example shot of Google Analytics stats for just the last week (2007/02/07 through 2007/02/13).

Google Analytics -

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Happy Birthday Lois C. Arconati

We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Lois C. Arconati. Here is Mom and Olivia having fun at Lost Valley Lake.

Mom and Olivia Gone Swimming
Picture has been quality adjusted.


Happy Birthday James E. Arconati

We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to James E. Arconati. Here is a picture from his birthday last year, where we ate at a very fancy restaurant. In fact, Dad even got a visit from the very famous master chef to wish him a very happy birthday and give him a sloppy wet kiss. Who could it be?

James E. Arconati Birthday Dinner
Who is that standing next to Dad?


Famous Quotations

I got an email about the following quote in the October 2006 issue of Digital Transactions Magazine

It’s not just having the technology in place to identify a problem, but having the personnel that understand what the technical indicators mean, says James [E.] Arconati, business leader, capacity management at MasterCard. The problem may not lie on the hardware where it was spotted, but perhaps in a specific set of transactions or card types.

It also can be centered on a specific time of day, such as when batch users access the network. There has to be a holistic, proactive approach to managing a network, says Arconati.

Digital Transactions is an industry-trade journal devoted to trends in the electronic exchange of value. The October 2006 issue features this quote in an article titled Heading Off the Traffic Jam. It’s a discussion about the rapid growth in electronic transactions.

Download the Current Issue and go to page 34.


Jonathan & Kelly Arconati Expecting

We have good news! Jon and Kelly are expecting their first child. The due date is February of 2007.

Jon and Kelly Arconati

Congratulations you two!


Arconati Family Reunion

As reported previously, we have a family reunion coming up this weekend.

2006 Arconati Family Reunion

Sunday, September 10th, 2006
Noon to 4pm

City of St. Peters
Civic Centre Pavilion R
On Mexico Road
between Spencer and Jungerman
St. Peters MO

The Pavilion has electric outlets and includes a new playground. City Centre Park also has a beautiful gazebo with a pond and waterfall.

Bring food and beverages for your own family. Glass containers and alcohol are prohibited.

New This Year

“Mini-spaghetti Tasting”
Bring some of your “favorite recipe” spaghetti dish to share with all.

For additional information call:
Jeanne (Arconati) Novakowski
Jim (Arconati) Arconati

Uncategorized seems to have finally launched an actual web site. The domain is not owned by our American family, but by an Italian company known as the Palladium Group. Though there wasn’t anything found at this site except the standard construction page as recently as Sep 26, 2004 & Jan 29, 2005, the current page is a marked improvement and even includes some links to English versions of the page.

Villa Arconati is a magnificent mansion from the 17th and 18th centuries with landscaped grounds of 200 hectares.

The Arconati Family has a rich history that includes this scenic villa near Milan, now used commonly for large outdoor concerts. Return here for more information soon.