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I like to think of this as The Arconati-Way-Back-Machine. Version 1.5 of this web site was hosted and was using a modified (but originally default) blogger template called Sand Dollar, created by Jason Sutter.

I used this template as my blog and also for the main site as I built it up, first simply hosted at my earthlink space, and then hosted with Sparky. The template was an orange/cream two-column design which I was fond of, but was popular with many bloggers. I wanted to create something from scratch that reflected me a little bit more, was more flexible and made use of a three-column template.

When Sparky got slammed by some script kiddies from France in the middle of July 2005, the site was down for a few months while the storm subsided and Sparky revamped the server.

I am considering officially naming the current version 2.0. It uses a three-column template and is well styled. Everything in it I designed from scratch, so I am very familiar with it. The background is a marker colored page done by Reese. I’m extrapolating every other color in the page from that mixed up background color set; purple, blue, pink, green and throwing in some white and black for good measure. CSS will be used only, no tables, please.

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The Arconati Web Portal is moving back to a real web host. Up until the DNS change today I make today, the main domain was forwarding onto a blog*spot page at, and our other domain,, was forwarding onto my old Earthlink host at But I am changing both of them today. The home page will most likely be the same as you see it now (minus this post) but will be available directly rather than a redirect.

For those of you that have this page bookmarked, you will want to update your file to point to the right place. We are still deciding what to do with the other domain,, but go to the first page and then look for news from there.


Reese school

Reese Arconati Begins First Grade

We want to wish Reese Arconati good luck and work hard on your studies in the coming year! Reese enters first grade today with Mrs. Hynes as her teacher.