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Happy Birthday Lois C. Arconati

Happy Birthday mom!

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Happy Birthday Olivia N. Arconati

Happy Birthday to Olivia! We had a fun party at the local civic center indoor pool. The kids had a great time.

Here are some images with Olivia’s name on them from over the last year or so.

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Happy Birthday James E. Arconati!

Jim & Jimmy at Creve Coeur Lake - circa 1978
Jim & Jimmy at Creve Coeur Lake – circa 1978
DCP_1434.JPG - Poppi & Olivia (Sepia Edit)
Poppi & Olivia in California – 2005

We celebrated Dad’s 61st birthday at Dave & Busters and had a great time!

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Welcome to The Jon Arconati for President WebSite

As a Happy Birthday gift, I wanted to post a video of the latest and greatest news I’ve heard all day.

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It is kind of a scary idea.

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Happy Birthday Jonathan L. Arconati

DCP_0650.JPG - Float Trip with Jon and Kelly

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Happy Birthday Lisa R. Arconati

DCP_0651.JPG - Float Trip with Jon and Kelly

Happy Birthday to my darling wife Lisa! We don’t have a big event planned to celebrate her birthday this year, but she did get a few things she wanted. We were helping out at VBS tonight, so we didn’t even go out for dinner. But we’ll make up for it as soon as possible.

Update (2008-07-31): Lisa made a really great slide-show video of the pictures we took at church over the whole week and I wanted to be sure and share it.

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Happy Birthday Kelly Stumm-Arconati

DCP_0650.JPG - Float Trip with Jon and Kelly
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Happy Birthday Lonny Kramer


Happy Birthday. You got a little cake on your face.

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Happy Birthday Reese Arconati!

2008-05-17 - Reese - Tessellation

Nine years ago today, we spent an impatient, exhausting day at the hospital. At 8:52pm, Reese M. Arconati was born to the world. I have been proud of every single moment and achievement since then.

Happy Birthday Reese Monster!

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A Day for Lucas

Lisa just sent this email.

Greetings all!

As you may know, Lucas’ birthday is this Saturday (April 26). In an effort to remember him and commemorate his birthday we are having a small gathering at the cemetery. We will be releasing balloons and would like to attach any special messages you might like to say to, about or for Lucas. I know some of you won’t be able to join us but I thought you might like to send along your message as well. For those of you who will be with us that afternoon we will be meeting at the cemetery at 1:30pm and you’ll be able to bring your message then. If you want to send a message please write one out and send it to either myself or to Jimmy (also include message from the cousins Micah, Abby, Lily and Isaiah if you want to). Thank you all in advance for your messages and support. Lucas will surely love them!

Love ya all

PS: Please make sure your messages can fit onto a 3X5 note card.

I’m working on what to put on my card for the balloon. I also have a lot of stuff collected from over the last few months that I want to share and I’ll add a post when it is available.