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Happy Birthday Lisa R. Arconati

DCP_0651.JPG - Float Trip with Jon and Kelly

Happy Birthday to my darling wife Lisa! We don’t have a big event planned to celebrate her birthday this year, but she did get a few things she wanted. We were helping out at VBS tonight, so we didn’t even go out for dinner. But we’ll make up for it as soon as possible.

Update (2008-07-31): Lisa made a really great slide-show video of the pictures we took at church over the whole week and I wanted to be sure and share it.

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Lucas James Arconati

Born today (4/26/07) at 3:05pm to James and Lisa Arconati, weighing in at 7 pounds and 2 ounces and 19½ inches tall, please welcome Lucas James Arconati.

Below are some links to photos available online. Family members or friends interested in prints of the photos need not buy them from directly.

More will be posted or linked to from here when available.

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Lillian Grace Arconati

Born tonight (2/24/07) at 11:15pm to Jonathan Arconati and Kelly Stumm-Arconati, weighing in at about 6 pounds, welcome Lillian Grace Arconati.

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Happy Valentines Day

We are wishing you a Happy St. Valentines Day from the Arconati Family. The American Heritage Dictionary defines "Valentine" as follows.

    1. A sentimental or humorous greeting card sent to a sweetheart, friend, or family member, for example, on Saint Valentine’s Day.
    2. A gift sent as a token of love to one’s sweetheart on Saint Valentine’s Day.
  1. A person singled out especially as one’s sweetheart on Saint Valentine’s Day.

For those that might be interested, here is a video showing how to say "Valentine" in sign language.

See more at the MSU‘s Comm Tech Lab.