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My personal blog has a permanent URL available above.

These pages have been located in many different places over time from earthlink’s space to but the current location is on Blogspot’s servers.

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Arconati Comedy Awards

Formerly a simple ticker of jokes on the home page, the Arconati Comedy Awards are now in full swing as their own separate blog.

Gathered by our minions. Enjoy!

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Arconati Family Web Portal

Thank you for visiting our home page. At the moment, the web server we have been using for the past several months is down for system maintenance. Some content you are probably used to seeing is not available, but it will be restored in short order.

In the meantime, feel free to browse around and comment on what you see. Thank you!

Update: The site is up and running and has been so for a little while now. We have two domains, and The first goes to the main site and the second forwards to this blog. More updates and features are on the way!