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Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends everywhere! I should insert some sort of clichéd comment about family gatherings looking different this year, due to COVID-19. If you are doing your best to gather only in small groups, keep up the good work. Everyone make full use of video chatting and phone calls and keep yourselves properly distanced.

Learn more about the CDC’s recommendations for holiday celebrations.

Hey, are you cooking a turkey, perhaps for the first time? Many years ago, Alton Brown, chef host on Food Network, made a great series of videos on how to prep and cook a fantastic turkey. We’ve used it in our household for reference for a few years now and it’s worked great every time.

How to Prep a Perfect Turkey with Alton Brown

I’ll link the whole playlist of videos at some point, but you can probably start here and find them all. Check out our results from last year:


And again, Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane. See you all as soon as possible.

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